Page 2 - Seitel 2017 Sustainability Report-ONLINE-FINALVERSION
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our vision

                   Seitel will be the acknowledged leader in North America for providing high-quality
                   seismic data. We will own the largest, most comprehensive, most relevant data
                   library available. By operating with complete integrity in everything we do, clients

                   will see us as a true partner in their goals and the first call they should make.

          our mission

                   Seitel’s mission is to provide the oil and gas industry with licenses to high-quality
                   seismic data at cost-effective prices, while operating with utmost integrity,

                   safety and sustainability.

          our operations

                   Seitel is a leading provider of onshore seismic data to the oil and gas industry in

                   North America. Seitel’s data products and services are critical in the exploration for
                   and development of oil and gas reserves by exploration and production companies.

                   Seitel has ownership in an extensive library of proprietary onshore and offshore
                   seismic data that it has accumulated since 1982 and that it licenses to a wide range

                   of exploration and production companies. Seitel believes that its library of 3D
                   onshore seismic data is one of the largest available for licensing in North America

                   and includes leading positions in oil, liquids-rich and natural gas unconventional
                   plays as well as conventional areas. Seitel has ownership in approximately 43,600

                   square miles of 3D onshore data, over 10,000 square miles of 3D offshore data and
                   approximately 1.1 million linear miles of 2D seismic data concentrated in the major

                   active North American oil and gas producing regions. Seitel serves a market which
                   includes over 1,600 companies in the oil and gas industry.

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