Page 8 - Seitel 2017 Sustainability Report-ONLINE-FINALVERSION
P. 8

our employees

         We recognize that the engagement and energy our employees bring to work is paramount to the

                  success of our company and we are committed to investing in their well-being,
                                    both as an employee and as an individual.
                  We invite you to learn more about why we think Seitel is the best place to work.

                         Seitel is a place to:

                                      Speak Up!

           One of the ways we engage our employees is by consistently   Senior management holds a quarterly town hall meeting open
           asking for their feedback… and then actually responding to their   to all employees to attend and learn more about what Seitel is
           input!  For example, based on the results of the employee survey   doing.  Active participation is encouraged.  The questions asked
           conducted in March, we offered additional “lunch and learn”   by employees during the Q&A session consistently demonstrate
           sessions on subjects that interested our employees.  why Seitel is successful – because our employees are engaged!

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