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Get Active!                                        Because we want all of our employees to feel like they are part

                                                                  of a team when they are at the office, we encourage them to
                                                                  work as a team outside the office, too!  For those employees
                                                                  looking to get out from behind their desks, we offer a bowling
                                                                  league, as well as weekly cross fit classes.

                                                                  In addition to the fun and benefits of getting active, we see our
                                                                  employees come together as friends and supporters, and the new
                                                                  connections that are formed during these team-building events
                                                                  lead to greater cross-office communications, more collaboration,
                                                                  and a general sense of camaraderie.


               Be Healthy!                                                     10        AVERAGE TENURE        !

               We care about our employees, and want them to be at their
               best, both personally and professionally.  To support this commit-
               ment, we offer an annual health fair where they can get flu shots,   Beyond our ability to attract great employees, one of the things
               biometric screenings, chair massages or speak with a registered   we are most proud of is our ability to retain them.  The average
               dietician.  We also stock our kitchen daily with fresh fruits and   tenure of our workforce is over 10 years, with more than half
               vegetables, offering our employees free and healthy snacks to   of our employees having been here for more than 10 years.  In
               keep them energized throughout the day.            2017, we made a conscious effort to show our appreciation by
                                                                  hosting a Company picnic at the Oil Ranch in Hockley, Texas
               We don’t just focus on physical health, we also encourage our   where almost 100 friends and family enjoyed a fun-filled day of
               employees to be active in their financial health. Throughout the   outdoor activities and a catered lunch.
               year we arranged financial wellness presentations and offered
               our employees the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a   In February 2017, we unveiled our new employee lounge in
               financial advisor.                                 our Houston office, complete with a ping pong table and game
                                                                  console, making the lounge a place for employees to have fun,
                                                                  unwind, blow off steam or just get away from their desk.  As the
                                                                  year came to an end, each of our main offices held employee
                                                                  recognition awards to honor employees that went above and
                                                                  beyond in 2017 and hosted a holiday get-together for all
                                                                  employees to celebrate another great year.

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