Structural Attributes

via Coherency / Curvature

The Coherence attribute extracts
discontinuities from a seismic stack.

Depth slice of seismic amplitude
Seismic & Coherence

Flexible input options

  • Time- or depth-migrated
  • Partially stacked common offset or azimuth
  • Frequency-limited stacks

Applications for interpretation

  • Detect minor faults and fractures
  • Quantify fault/fracture density
  • Identify buried channels, deltas, and reefs

Curvature attributes emphasize the bending of reflectors in a seismic stack.

Diverse selection of curvature attributes

  • Curvedness
  • Most positive/negative curvature
  • Major/minor principal curvature
  • Mean/Gaussian curvature
  • Dip/strike curvature
  • Shape index

Applications for interpretation

  • Delineate faults, fractures, and folds
  • Quantify fault displacement
  • Identify fault connectivity
  • Classify brittle/ductile fault deformation
Horizon slice of seismic amplitude
Most negative curvature