EarthStudy 360 Depth Migration

Emerson’s EarthStudy 360 (ES360) Imager Depth Migration algorithm utilizes full-azimuth, subsurface angle domain wavefield decomposition and imaging to provide additional detail and accuracy through migration and the model-building process, an improvement over industry-standard Kirchhoff depth migration.

  • Full Azimuth, Multi-Arrival Imaging
  • Preservation of Local Reflection Angle/Azimuth
  • Primary/Multiple Discrimination via Local Slant Stacking
  • Reflection Angle-Azimuth and Directional Gathers
  • Specular and Diffraction Weighted Gathers & Stacks
Kirchhoff PSDM
ES360 Angle-Azimuth PSDM

Examples of a Kirchhoff PSDM and ES360 PSDM stacks and gathers. Note the increased S/N due to specular weighting in the ES360 example and the multiple attenuation, a benefit of the use of local slant stacking.

ES360 Gather

ES360 gather showing amplitude and moveout variation with azimuth. This increased azimuthal information provides an additional layer of accuracy and detail to Tomography and later HTI analysis.